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RE: To bypass, or not to bypass...

Frank, I spoke with Bosch Technical today about the 0 280 142 108 (S4)
and 0 280 142 102 (Sport q) bypass valves and it appears that, according
to their literature, that the two are cross-compatible and have the same
dimensions and pressure activation.  What is the advantage of using the
Sport quattro valve?
(The 0 280 142 100 / 106 / 107 are also compatible)

What would be the expected pressure operation of these? The literature
suggests 130mb (which I make out to be 1.9PSI)!

Interestingly, their application notes do not show an Audi application
for the 102 valve (maybe it's covered under the Volkswagen umbrella)
whereas the 108 is shown as an Audi Turbo 20V application.  The 102 is
used on many marques including Alfa, Lancia, Ford etc etc