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Fwd: now up to three questions . . .

You Wrote:
>Question three: Some time ago there was a thread on getting Rain-X off your
>windshield. Well, wife bought some and I told her "Don't use this crap -
>you'll never get it off!" so she didn't - BUT a friend of hers detailed her
>car and guess what - now she knows what I was talking about - STREAK
>CITY!!! How do you get rid of this crap?????


Lots o' glass cleaner w/ammonia in it over a long period of time is the
only way I know.  If you hear others through private E-Mail please forward
them to me.  BTW In December I tried a new product on my A6 made by
Prestone.  It is supposed to last 6 months with no streaking.  

Results are as promised so far.  Windshield rarely needs wipers during rain
and zero streaking.  I will keep the list informed.