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Hey folks,
       About a year ago I looked into getting a suspension set up for my 89
200q. I had decided on Eric Fletcher's set up, but for strictly monetary
reasons I couldn't do it. I decided to let it wait a bit. Well, now i'm
back looking for struts. I need to get a set and have them installed (along
with new subframe bushings) within the next two weeks. I've decided against
Eric's set up for $$$$ reasons. 

I'm gonna stick with the stock springs. RD Ent. says that Koni Yellow's
work for the front but the Rear struts have been discontinued. They do have
Boge OEM replacements for under $300 for the entire set. 
It seems that some people on the list complained about the Yellows (someone
getting one that was dead from the start) so I'm a little shy about those.
The OEM route is an option unless I can find other ideas. I asked the guy
at RD Ent. about quality of service if I ever have a strut that has failed.
He told me that I'm "on my own" if the manufac. catalog doesn't list my car
as an application for their struts. That didn't sound too good to me. I'd
rather spend a little bit more just to have peace of mind about
returns/service, etc.

RD ent. said that they will give me any strut if I can get them a P/N #. He
suggested asking around on the "net" for advice. Seems he has heard of us,
eh? I've never heard of a retailer suggesting I find information elsewhere,
but hey who better to ask, right?

I called Blau and they have Boge Turbos for the car, but the girl was "too
busy" to go into the details and promised to call me back. I'm still
waiting for her call 4 hours later. Since the Turbos are linear and the
Pros are progressive, I'd prefer the Progas struts. I believe Igor is using
these on his 200q. The lady at Blau recommended replacing my existing
springs with H&R because the "stock springs may not be able to handle the
side load". Uh-huh.. but what if I don't want to lower my car or what
happens if I have clearance problems with my current wheels or want to
upgrade to +1 sizing of the wheels. She didn't know what to say. I think
that is why I'm still waiting to hear from them.   

So.. what are the options folks? I'm sorry this subject has been brought up
in the past. I can't seem to find suitable answers in the archives. Does
anybody have this on a FAQ off their web-page? Thanks again! :)

Osman Parvez
Albany, NY
89 200q, TAP Chip, 171K
92 Miata, auto, 6K, For Sale