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Fwd: Re: Fwd: More 5000S Problems

You wrote:
>How do you change the struts without removing the wheels?


I didn't change the struts.  I changed the shock cartridges inside the
struts.  The Audi tool is a long heavy duty hollow metal tube with a large
hex head on one end and a 1/2 inch drive on the other.  You remove the top
of the shock mount from under the hood.  Then you slide the tool over the
shock and the hex end mates into the nut the holds the shock cartridge in
place. Then using a large 1/2 inch drive you unscrew the nut and remove it
and then shock will slide right out of the strut.  Re assembly, as they
say, is the reverse procedure.  You tighten the nut to 130 ft lbs and then
go get the car realigned cause the procedure destroys the alignment
settings.  15 minutes total time per side.  (I just love the dealers who
tells you its 3-4 hours per side cause they must pull the struts and charge
you accordingly


PS:  I think it is only valid for the 5K, 100, 200 series cars  don't know
about A series either.