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Re: cooling an amp (min. Audi content)

Furthermore, the best orientation for an amp is with the cooling find 
vertical, not horizontal (if you're going to mount the amp vertically).

That way the air can circulate across the fins as the heat rises.

This would of course be impossible to accomplish with my Precision Power 
2300, the diving board that it is. ;-)


Reed Unterseher <slashp@btigate.com> wrote:
> #1- NEVER mount an amp upside down! The heatsinks(or heavy metal case) on the
> amp are on the top for a reason...heat rises. your just stewing the amp
> in it's own juices. move the amp to a different position and you may not
> need the fan. good luck, Reed Unterseher 4kcsQ-'87(With a whole lot of
> Rockford Fosgate stuff)