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Re: fun, camaraderie, and doing others homework

How about: http://coimbra.ans.net/htdocs/htdig/search.html ?

At 02:19 PM 7/1/1998 , you wrote:
>I have seen a few notes over the last few months, consisting of
>"old-timers" or auto experts complaining about dealing with the same old
>thing over and over again, helping others without thanks, etc.  I think
>the third time I described how to fix something I'm an expert in (was it
>changing a fuse or refilling the washer fluid?  who knows) I realised
>that everyone's questions deserve to get answered, cripes, we all
>started with a a bad door handle once, right?  the trouble is the
>endless typing of the same thing.  So I figured that whenever I wrote an
>answer that took more that 5 minutes to type I would try to remember to
>add it to my crummy little web site.  Now all I have to do theoretically
>is point to the url.  No WOB, no sore fingers.
>Could some others perhaps use this same tactic in their areas of
>expertise to minimise boredom?
>Then we would truly have a fabulous resource!


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