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Re: VW-Volvo Merger?

In a message dated 7/1/98 "Gary G. Erickson" <erickson@teleport.com> writes:

<< Makes you wonder if Hans/Frans were selling Audi's engineering plans to
ovloV after they got canned for designed electrical systems to melt down
in order to protect that damn 59cent fuse! >>

Either that or they traded ideas ;-)...the electrical systems in ovlov DL's
are so bad that they make the one in my Audi 5kcstq (which is by no means a
great electrical system) look great! I own (please note that I didn't say
"drive") an 85 DL wagon and the entire electrical system is a joke...in
talking with local ovlov wrenches it seems they all suffer from the same
electrical ills too (i.e. engine compartment wiring loom failures is a big

As far as this "merger" goes...I can only see a value in ovlov to VW from the
truck division and the VW "bulking up" standpoints. What will Vee-Dub do with
the car division which is (sort of) a direct competitor to Audi? That part
remains a mystery I suppose. Good to see VW is doing as well as they are
though because it does mean more cash flow for development of toys that we
quattro fantics will enjoy. (For example, from all I have read thus far...I
*want* a TT bad!)

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq (with vastly better electrical reliability than any ovlov DL I have
ever seen...)