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Should I buy/take these wheels?

A very close old friend has a set of 17 x ? Momo wheels that he "repossesed"
from his ex wife due to her maltreatment and cost of replacement tires. These
wheels were ordered new (by him) for a '92 100cs that now belongs to his ex
wife. So, no doubt they will fit an Audi. It has been nearly 2 years since I
last saw his (ex) car so I don't recall the style of Momos but they did look

The real questions are:

1) Is it safe to assume they will fit an 87 5kcstq if they fit a '92 100cs?

2) 3 of the 4 are "usable with some curb scuffs, the forth needs some repair
because of a "bad curb scuff". (I said he repo'ed 'em cuz of maltreatment
didn't I?) Obviously some bux will have to be spent at a wheel shop to get
them right again. Any idea as to typical wheel repair costs?

3) While I may be able to weasle these for near nothing (and perhaps that is
all they are worth), what value do they truly have? (In other words what would
be a fair amount to offer for them?)

And, is there any interest if I decide I don't need four 17" paperweights
laying around? (And that they may well cuz I can't really afford rubber for
them for some time and my current Toyo Proxes Z1's are still looking nearly
new after over 10k miles...) TIA...

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq