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Thank you & introduction

Thank you to everyone that responded to my questions about a/c and ABS on my
5ksq.  Honestly, I was very pleasantly surprised by not only the promptness
of replies, but the genuine interest in helping a fellow Audi owner.  I
recently subscribed to the list, though I have searched the archives a few
times in the past.

For the record, I purchased a white '88 5000s quattro not too long ago.  I
paid a bit above Blue Book, but feel it was money well spent.  We needed a
second car that could haul two baby car seats in the back and would be
excellent in Northwest snow and ice.  We also have a '94 Jetta GLS (hers)
and a '74 VW Superbeetle (mine).  Despite everyone's warnings about ungodly
repair costs, I have always wanted a quattro.  I was shocked when my wife
suggested I look for my dream Audi during our second-car search.  The search
was incredibly tough.  Every car dealer (Audi or not) said that any used car
I would find (if I could find one at all) would be a nightmare because no
Audi owner with a well-functioning car would ever part with it.  The paper
and the local AutoTrader didn't make me optimistic, either.  The 5ksq (100k
mi.) I lucked into was owned by a woman who kept obsessive records (even
clipped the flap from every oil filter box).  The interior is pristine and
the mechanical records include everything from first bill of sale (dealer
demo) to every snow tire change and bulb receipt.

I am by no means (auto) mechanically inclined.  I can fix a computer, but
couldn't change a spark plug to save my life.  Over the past few months, a
few little problems have cropped up.  Though I will search the archives
first, I'm sure I'll have some bonehead questions (like "My shocks are
starting to squeak when the weather gets warm.  What's up?").  Please bear
with me.  Perhaps, in time, I will be able to repay your generous
assistance.  Thank you.

- Andrejs Zommers