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Thank you & introduction

In message <9807061152.AA23766@hunch.zk3.dec.com> Andrew Duane USG/PE writes:

> > lucked into was owned by a woman who kept obsessive records (even
> > clipped the flap from every oil filter box).

> Wow, I can't imagine ANYONE being that obsessive (although I'm
> going to be close on my new wagon).

I have every piece of paper on the ur-quattro.

I took over (bought) the Passat from John Robinson, our treasurer.  He
had complete service history - but as far as we can see, the services
were never actually done.  The list will know about my black sludge
problems with the car - I did a full flush and another oil change over
the weekend and it's starting to behave like a real I5 engine.

The problem is that John's receipts are "secondary" - from a dealer who
is merely asserting that a new oil filter was fitted, etc., when we can
clearly demonstrate that they weren't.

Mine are "primary" - from the retailers of oil filters, oil, etc.

I contend, in the light of my experience with John's car (and with
the service history story of Roger Galvin's V8Q) that a full VAG
service history stamped in a booklet is WORTHLESS!

 Phil Payne
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