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Remove/install air intake boot/idle switch - How?

I am trying to install an idle switch and full throttle switch on my 88
80q.  The idle switch is located to the rear of the engine by the air
intake boot and underneath the manifold.  I'm trying to figure out how
to install this switch.  

I've tried taking off the air intake boot.  I've disconnected the
solenoid and one of two vacuum hoses.  The other is located underneath
the boot.  It looks impossible to get at.  I am able to lift the boot
from the air filter housing but can't move it from the manifold (after
loosening both clamps).  Anyone who's done this got any suggestions?

At first I thought I'd only need to remove the air intake boot to get to
the idle switch.  It's now looking like I have to remove the fuel lines
from the fule distributor, possbily the throttle body and the manifold.
Seems a lot to do for installing a simple switch.  Am I on the right
track with this?

Anyone replaced both the idle and full throttle switches have


arlington, va
88 80q 93k