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Re: Unintended Acceleration

In a message dated  Jim wrote:

<< Road & Track did an excellent autopsy on the 60 minutes episode and the
 whole issue in (I think) 1990.  It was a very carefully crafted explanation
 of the engineering, environmental, and psychological factors that
 contributed to the accusations.  R & T came to the conclusion that Audi was
 victimized by poor journalism, and effective interest group lobbying (by
 people not wanting to admit that perhaps--just maybe--driver error
 contributed to putting gramps through the garage door.  The R&T article
 discussed an interesting study they participated in that involved UC Irvine
 and the University of Michigan and included a team of engineers and
 psychologists observing drivers on a driving course, and what their
 reactions were when distracted, and what their RECOLLECTIONS were regarding
 the nature of the distraction, and their resonses to it.
 - Jim
Road & Track came out with that article a month after CBS sold R&T to Hachette
publications. Priot to that R&T was curiously silent on the issue. I wonder

Bernie Dubin
'90 v8q
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