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Re: RE: Don't Rotate The Tires?!

In a message dated 7/7/98 "Avi Meron" <avi@cosmoslink.net> writes:

<< Yes it's true, the reason I was given is that once a wear pattern is
established (on the tire), rotating it will not change it, you will just
start an additional wear pattern, >>

I have always gone the other way, opting to rotate every 3-4k miles (I
typically buy the "road hazard" warranties that cover free rotation and
balancing as it did once pay off for me on a new VR Gatorback that got a drill
chuck key through the sidewall). I go in for rotation and balancing at the
first sign of any vibration and have found it seems to help. On my first 5ktq
I used to get over 30k per set of VR Gatorbacks which I thought to be pretty
good life--and I was never easy on the car.

Of course when you have different sizes front to rear rotating is not an

Why would tire dealers and Audi have such differing recomendations? To sell
more tires and service? Makes me go "hmm..." Any tire experts (Rudy???) wish
to comment?

<< Are you more confused now?..... >>

Didn't know it was possible...but yes.

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq