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Steel plugs in aluminum!

In message <199807072048.UAA27452@specialdevices.com> "Ken Keith" writes:

> > If this doesn't work, and you have to drill it out, make sure to put lots
> > of grease on the plug and the drill bit to catch the loose bits of metal.
> Yes!  This is what I'm going to have to do.  Do you think there is enough
> room in there to do this with the tranny still on the car?  I'd have to
> get a cordless drill, unless there is a better tool I can use.  How's
> about some kind of right angle drill?  I don't have a compressed air
> source, does anyone have any ideas?

Drilling out is an ABSOLUTE LAST RESORT.

Replacement plugs are just a spares issue.  The best thing to do is
drive something nasty like an oversize TORZ or spline driver in, and
twist it out.  Then replace it with a nice new one.

Failing that - ignore it.  Drain the thing, and trickle the new stuff
in through the breather.  Only problem - you need to know how much,
since Audi changed the quantity fairly significantly at one point.

For the rear differential - you need 2.2 litres.

For the front - 3.2 litres in early gearboxes, 2.2 in later ones.
You tell the difference from the date stamp on the side of the gearbox.

In Audi's example, the stamp is "AAU 19 08 2".  AAU is the code, 19 is
the day, 08 is the month and 2 is the year (1982).  The change from
3.2 litres to 2.2 litres occured on 23 07 5 - so a North American car
almost certainly expects 3.2 litres in the front differential and 2.2
litres in the rear.  Drain through the drain plug and fill by measured
quantity through the breather.  Hint - thin tube and patience.

 Phil Payne
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