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RE: 88 5KTQ 'accordian' -- WTF?

> >From: Robert Myers
> >Subject: RE: 88 5KTQ 'accordian'  --  WTF?
> >
> >OH!!!  That accordion!  It's the left-handed framistan.  It framinates the
> >fornication drive assembly.  :-)
> Ah! So _that's_ where my fornication drive is. I was wondering what
> happened to it. Deframinated, obviously. Part #s?
> Phil
> Phil Rose               Rochester, NY
I believe the p/n's were different for each, and many claims have
been made, but I think they were measured in inches...more or
less.  I've heard there is a special product you can buy once
they become deframinated...some kind of synthetic oil...seems to
loosen things up a bit.  I've got some secrets but you will have
to buy my book to find them out.

And shame on Mr. Myers who once told me to behave myself. (course
he did so privately so I guess I'm in deep again)

hold your fire!