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Re: 83' URQ Dash Removal

On Wed, 8 Jul 1998, Huw Powell wrote:

> At least the color coding is almost identical.  I measured the switches
> with meters and power supplies to identify what they did, then compared
> to the Bentley for the old ones.  About 50 cut'n'splice jobs - be
> careful in there with your heat gun when you heatshrink them.

	Yes, the color codes were fine except for the dimmer switch which
was a little different.  ANd the new stalks for the wiper/blinker/cruise
contorl was fine except for the cruise.  It is way different.  Still have
to figure that one out.  Oh well.  Oh, and still working on the Oil Temp
gauge with the new diff selector switch.  ERR rather (Not Working) on it.

> Can't you Q guys move your diff locks, say to the underdash panel or
> inside the glove box, and use the stock coupe gauge panel?

	Yes, we can but some of us, like me, like to have real analog
gauges up high where we can see them.  Hence the ABT housing for old
dashes and whatever I am going to doo for my newer dash.  Hey, maybe I
could talk Todd Candey into making a carbon Fiber panel for up tyher like
the ABT unit.  L8R