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Re: RE: Swiss ur-quattros


you said:

> I've been looking into importing an S2.  What I've found is you  
need an RI
> (Registered Importer) in the U.S. to do it as an approved auto for  
US roads.
> I have yet to find someone to do this.  Catalytic converters mean  
little or
> nothing in Federalizing a car.  Also consider:
> Glass
> Bumpers
> Back-up lights
> Non-Metric Guages
> ALL smog equipment
> A whole list of ancillary crap that will drain the pocketbook.

I have a friend with a Canadian Mazda, with metric gagues. So much  
for that.

I just recently checked with the CA DMV (their web page is down  
currently, but try www.dmv.ca.gov) and read all the forms and  
requirements for registering an out-of-country car and have not heard  
anything about a registered importer. At least not in CA.

Here in the Valley I see quite often cars with German or Swedish  
license plates. (frequently = once a week). I was also told by some  
local car buffs that if you get a car pass CA smog cert that you are  
pretty much set. It's just that you absolutely need the cat converter  
to pass CA emissions. You will also have to change the side markers  
(orange to the side, not white to the front) plus pay an extra fee  
for pollution ($300), but that's it.

But then again, I've never done it, that's why I am posting here.  
Also I don't want to make any money off it, I just want (as a Swiss  
citizen) to bring a car which is registered under my name in  
Switzerland over here. Others have done it before, I am sure.

Let's see ;-)
- Stan