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Re: 4kcs -vdo odometer repair

> I know this subject has come up before but in searching the archives it seems
> as though it was never completely resolved.  Can the speedo needle be
> succesfully removed and how without permanently damaging it?

I've repaired the odo on each of the three Audis I;ve owned.  Never had
to remove the speedo needle... the speedo assy. comes off the cluster,
the odo stuff is accessible from the back unless your car is totally
different from the early 5k/coupe/4k style units.

I've used the "make your own knurling" method combined with a little dab
of really good, appropriate Cyano Acrylic adhesive (super glue...) with
success.  This worked even with a slightly cracked drive gear.

Someday I'll take some photographs of my spare parts in pieces and stick
'em on my web site with instructions for this process.

the hardest part is adding thousands of miles to make the odo correct
again and then reassembling the number wheels correctly...

bye bye

Huw Powell