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turbo after-run?

I was poking around my engine bay (again) this morning, and it didn't seem
as though the correct things were happening after the ignition was switched

The main radiator fan came on, but that's it. I noticed the hook up to the
after run injector blower had popped off, so I hooked that back up, did a
run, and then poked around some more. The after run injector fan didn't
come on.. is that normal? Under what conditions is it supposed to come on?
Everytime, or just sometimes?

I didn't see any coolant being pumped, either. how do you verify the
operation of the after run water-pump? I was looking to see coolant being
shot out of the hose from the the radiator, into the coolant reservoir, but
I didn't see any. There is a bunch of crud under (what I believe to be) the
after run pump, indicating that it has, or had a minor (minor!) leak at
some point. Indicitive of failure?

What I'm looking at to be the after run coolant pump, is a small cylinder,
attached to the engine block near the rear of the engine, and attached to
the coolant hose right before it meets the radiator. Is this the correct
device? It's got a connector coming out of the same wire-line that the
injector blower is connected to. (that's why I'm assuming they're related)

TIA! I want to keep that turbo happy! I put in the stock spring, and
geez... you could hardly tell it was a turbo car.. I could generally hit
1.3 bar no problem, but getting all the way to 1.4 bar was a chore. I'm
wondering about the WGFV.. Might try plugging the connection on the wastegate.

P.S. Sorry to all the people that live down south! Yuck! Even the heat here
makes me want to move up to Aspen or some high-altituded place that's
cooler.. Telluride maybe. That'd be nice.

brooks		-fort collins/laporte area, n. colorado-
[ brooks@frii.com    '89.5 200Q @ 1.8    S&W Sigma 9F 17+1 ]