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VW/Audi setting up fund for slave laborers (news)

I pulled this out of the world section of my local paper last week.  I thought
you all would like to see it since it shows VW/Audi is a responisble coporate

VW: We're setting up fund for WWII slave laborers.

Frankfurt, Germany - Volkswagen AG, in a abrupt reversal, said Tuesday that it
planned to set up a fund to compensate slave laborers who were forced to work
for the company during World War II.  The fund is being created in recognition
of "historic and moral duties toward slave laborers who worked for Volkswagen
AG during the Second World War," the company said.  VW said its management
board decided to establish a private fund to offer "humanitarian help to
individual victims who were forced to work in 1944-1945" at the company's
Wolfsburg headquarters.

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