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Re: ALL Audi/VW microfiche for $300 ?

> Doug, 

First off, Shane, let me apologize for calling you Lisa. You know, there is a
Country & Western song that would work well here...    :-)

> 	I'm not familiar with TMC Publications; who are they, who is this guy and
> does Audi know about it? If HE can obtain "a complete set of brand-new
> microfiche parts catalogs for the entire VW-Audi line of cars for $300", can
> he sell them, too? Could WE purchase them at that price? 

Secondly, I also screwed up and quoted the wrong company: The company I meant 
to mention was Schiff European Automotive Literature Inc., 373 Richmond Street,
Providence, RI  02903, 401-453-5370. Talk to Barry Schiff.

Yes, his company sells the stuff... I worded it the way I did because he 
doesn't stock everything. Basically, he buys a set of the fiche, and then
sells individual model parts catalogs for about $30.

Not sure he's ever sold the CD version, but he said he could. I should also
mention that Audi dealers can obtain this stuff for you too, but they won't.

My local dealer has had the same guy as parts dept. manager since before 1980,
but the counter guys have changed over the years. I'm in fairly well with the
manager, but usually got most of my favors from the counter guy. They ordered
the factory workshop manual set for the 100LS for me years ago (this is not a
Bentley item, but instead was loose-leaf in grey 3-ring binders carrying the
PORSCHE + AUDI logo. Counter guys have also turned me on to free fiches over
the years. I always ask for the worn-out ones.

But anyway, the manager told me that yes, he could get the parts catalog on 
CD for their use, but they just don't have physical room for another computer
and so stick to the fiche version.

So yeah, I'm sure Audi knows. Somewhere along the line, it's AUDI who is 
selling them (perhaps to an intermediate 3rd-party).

> 	I am _also_ NOT advocating anything illegal. I'm simply offering suggestions
> to those people that currently own microfiche, on possible ways to make it
> more useful and accessible: a home p.c. vs. the library. IF it was legal to
> scan, burn to CD and redistribute- with or without profit, that would be
> great, but that's a decision for Audi and their lawyers. However, we
> enthusiasts/consumers do have the power to ask for this privilege/product, and
> be taken seriously. Enthusiasts' letters didn't get the Rallye Golf imported,
> but did get the VR6 GTI and then Jetta; or at least helped. 

A lot of people at Audi would likely tell you it's fine with them. But 
corporate lawyers dictate policy on this subject. Liability is the issue...

But I didn't think you were advocating action you _knew_ to be illegal. I'm
not a lawyer, but as an (former) independent software developer, I had to bone
up on U.S. Copyright code. Buying copies legally made/commisioned by Audi is
OK, as long as thy weren't stolen. Making copies to distribute is illegal.
Not sure if fair use doctrine would allow personal copies or not.

> 	If a microfiche owner is tired of going to the library, can't find or afford
> their own reading machine, and doesn't have a 42x loupe, but does have a
> 'puter, I say SCAN IT! This discussion is zeroing in on HOW.

To which I once again return to the economic equation: just buy a CD.

If the CD does not contain copyright language on it which excludes the CD
from being mounted on a network-accesible device, then someone could buy it
and make it available from a web page. I'd be willing to bet no such language
is on the CD, as the automotive industry is still a bit behind the curve w/r/t
computer technology.

just some stuff that came out of what it pleases me to call my mind, -doug q
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