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Re: Audi as a "consumer car"

Opps.  Guess I missed the point he was looking at the larger Audi's.....sorry 
about that.....
my comments still apply somewhat, but there are not many larger cars which are 
really considered "enthusiast".  The larger Audi's are.  But at the same time, 
I wouldn't place a Honda Accord or Toyota Camry as a "larger" car, either.   In 
fact, I find my UrQ roomier than our 92 Accord....but then I've already 
admitted to being biased.

As to the larger Audi's.... I've never owned one, so I can't speak from 
experience.  I've not felt the need for a larger car. (I've mentioned before 
I'm biased against sedans.)   I'm also of the opinion that the larger Audi's 
are generally more expensive to maintain than the smaller ones, but that still 
wouldn't stop me from buying one.

I had a Park Avenue as a company car... very large and very roomy.  For some 
reason, my kids (9 and 14) always begged to take the Audi, even though that 
meant them crawling into the back.  I gave the Buick back. The Accord's not 
been moved in about 6 months.  

The few times I've needed to move 5 large people (making the UrQ a little 
cramped), I've taken my father-in-law's 1975 MB 300D.  Sure it's slow, but it 
drives nicely, is cheap, get great mileage, and has very low maintenance.  
Looks good, too.  I'd buy another one of these before another Honda.

So, I still see no reason to drive a boring car, even though the larger choices 
are a bit more limited.

Bill Elliott
Lake Mills, WI