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95.5(*) S6 FS in Rochester, NY

95.5(*) S6???? What's that all about, well read on. I just stopped briefly
at the local Audi dealer here in Rochester to see what they had in way of
interesting used cars. I recall they had advertised two 95 S6 Audis a
couple of weeks ago.

One was still there:
Emerald green/black leather
45K miles
phone, no CD changer
asking $29K

Looks pretty clean--a few stone chips on hood and a small (1") gouge in
(underside of) lower left rear bumper cover. Otherwise sharp. The PO traded
in on a 911. I didn't drive the car. I have no idea what the warranty
situation is--but presumably some original warranty left.

But here's what's interesting (I guess): I know that late '95 S car
production was "special". But I didn't think there was anything _different_
about its Torsen setup from previous S4 and S6. This particular S6 has the
Quattro IV (?) system. Like the '96 A6, I guess. The salesman (he seems to
know a lot more than the average Audi salesman) claims that towards the end
of 1995 production, Audi phased in the next-generation Torsen for the last
dribble of the 95.5 S6 cars. There is no center diff. lock switch on its
console. He claims there are only about 100 of these that were imported
into the US. Anyway, I wasn't previously aware of two different 95.5 S6
variants. Well known fact? Fiction?

Interested parties can contact
 Michael Salimbene
 John Holz Audi
 716-334-0880 x3031

Usual disclaimers apply.


Phil Rose		Rochester, NY
'89 100
'91 200q		pjrose@servtech.com