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Re: Fauxes Pas

Gosh Ted you are quite testy today....

I don need no steenkin grammer to look edukated!
Matter of fact, I cant even count to illiterate

trharlan@one.net wrote:
> Marc Gelefsky wrote:
> >
> > That must explain the the Mac's market share...or lack of...
> > How can you compare Mac's to Audis?  Generally educated people buy
> > Audis  :)
> >
> > Sorry,  I had too!
> >
> > Marc Gelefsky
> Generally, educated people let misuses of the homophones "to", "two",
> and "too" pass without comment.
> Did you mean what you wrote literally?
> Or did you mean that "educated people generally buy Audis"?
> Or,
> "generally, educated people buy Audis"?
> Because, as far as I know, the level of specialty in someone's
> educational background has a greater bearing on price range than marque.
> Come on.  General practitioners and accountants buy Audis, but
> urologists and tax accountants do not? Why can't specialists drive
> Audis? I know a lot of specialists who will be calling you for a good
> explanation.
> And why does "Mac's" get an apostrophe, while "Audis" get nothing?
> If you are saying for a minute that Macs own the computer world, and
> Audis own nothing, you will deal with a vengeful wrath!
> Or is it because Macs just are? You know... they is, they _be_. So now
> Audis don't even exist to you? Watch your back, brother.
> Another senseless, good-natured verbal attack from your friend in
> Porsche/Audidom (Are those words?),
> Ted Harlan
> 1990 CQ
> 1988 944
> 1986 5K