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Re: Whoa Nellie!

In message <199809030146.UAA12373@emerald.jvlnet.com> "Keith Bidne" writes:
> I recently purchased a very nice 91 200 tq20v black/black, 122k miles.
> Anyway, I was driving my usual route to Madison, happily weaving thru the
> "slo-pokes" on the interstate the other a.m. when I stepped on it in 4th
> and all of the sudden at almost full boost the car started bucking like the
> fuel pump was cutting out. Scared/startled the
> s**t out of me.

If the ECU cuts the fuel pump on your car, it always logs the reason.

See http://www.teleport.com/~scottmo/ecuf.html for the code-dumping

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