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Re: Looking for part

In my father's 89 90q, the lighter socket went bad. Since he uses it for a
phone and bought a radar jammer (the detector is battery powered), we had a
3 socket unit installed in the pocket next to the e-brake handle. It is
pretty discrete and now he can use all of those distracting devices we
scorn. These are pretty cheap and available at most Radio Shacks.


Todd Young wrote:

> Good Tuesday Morning,
> While having my 90S checked out, I was out checking the used cars on the
> lot. Noticed that some of the 1990+ generation of vehicles have a
> cigarette lighter mounted in the center console, next to the emergency
> brake lever(due to a gage package in the lower center console). I was
> looking for a place to put an auxilary power outlet and have now found
> it. One problem, I need the lighter socket. If anyone out there has one
> of these lighter sockets(with the lighter) or knows where to pick one
> up, I'd appreciate a response. I don't want to spend too much, as I've
> got an aftermarket piece sitting at home, but I think an OEM piece would
> look much better.
> BTW, was reading a UK publication called "Audi Driver", there's a
> company in Germany called MTM (can't remember what it stands for). It
> would seem these guys have adopted the 1.8T engine as a pet project, as
> I have now seen their work (in magazine articles) on an A4 Avant1.8T,
> and a New Beetle with a transplanted 1.8T in place of the stock 2.0.
> Hmmm, wonder if their products are/will be USA emissions legal?
> Reference the lighter socket, please respond direct.
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