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5KCSTQ: 'Unshakable' Steering Wheel Shimmy


I'm definitely anal about my car -- no question.  One of my friends calls
me a car hypochondriac

I get pissed off if one little spec of lint falls on the dash.. or when
brake dust starts to colonize in the dish of my Fucks rims..

I admit that these 'issues' are not serious, and that maybe I am being
unreasonable.  However, my car has developed another 'issue' that I cannot
take any more -- however 'mild' it may be to others.

At speeds of approx. 50-6- mph, the steering wheel shakes.  I have taken
everyone's suggestion(s) to heart -- and I've been back to NTB 3 times to
have the tires balanced --nothing..  I've had the rims checked for dings
and dents - nothing.  The alignment has been checked twice over --
nothing... Nothing fixes the shimmy.

This did NOT happen to my care before the BOGEs were installed and the car
was aligned.

Can anyone tell me what this could be and how to stop it?  It's probably
'barely noticeable' to other drivers, but you know how we get...


87 5KCS TQ
85 4KS Q
82 VW Cabriolet