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Re: memories (Christian finally speaks up) (long)

Long explaination by Christian snipped...

It bothers me that Christian should even have to do this but given what I just
read I can understand why he felt compelled to do so. Think people, aside from
the new ones, most all these cars we know and love are all older high
maintenance machines that can and do break.

I experienced a similar thing when I sold my last 4kq to another q-lister,
Michael Williams. Like between Dan and Christian everything was on the up and
up, there was nothing hidden and an inspection was not only advised but
encouraged. (But in our case not performed--not my decision.) This to minimize
the chance of any hard feelings later. Soon after Michael bought the car he
discovered a split CV boot. I was not aware of it. There was a post from a
person I consider a friend that was intended as a joke stating something to
the effect of "who would sell a car in such condition?!" That is all water
under the bridge as the post was indeed a joke, and we are all still friends.

The bottom line is this. If you try to tell me that your 7 or 8+ model year
old Audi "needs nothing" I have a feeling you are not telling the entire
truth. Even if there is nothing you are aware of today wrong, that is no
guarantee for tomorrow. When buying one of these cars used with typical
mileage you are fooling yourself if you think you can be assured of no
problems. Something will come up, probably sooner than later. Doesn't it for
every older car we talk about here?!

I certainly hope as a group we can put this all behind us and into
perspective. Dan has done nothing wrong nor has Christian. What is wrong are
the snipes and anonamous back stabs that they have had to endure for what was
at the time (and still seems to be) an ammenable deal between the two of them.

All this makes me very wary of ever buying or selling another car to or from
another lister and I don't like that feeling. That said, all my dealings with
others on the list have always been very favorable and I can only hope their
impression of the way I handled my end of these deals is the same. I will
continue to have transactions with other list members for parts and what have
you, and maybe even a car someday again. But, from now on I must be a bit more
wary in knowing whom I am dealing with and what fall out there could be if
things go south.

Last I want to thank Dan yet again for all the time and effort he has put in
to make this happen, and to everyone here for their contributions. I also wish
to say to Dan and Christian how sorry I am to hear about what you both are
dealing with as it is wrong and niether of you should have to explain

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq (not for sale, and may never be offered for sale to folks on the
list based on today's mood)