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Re: More MB

In a message dated 98-09-18 10:21:44 EDT, you write:

 Yup.  DC is slightly _lower_ on John's car all the time.  Max value seen
 was 68% - my car occasionally goes to 78%.  See above for comments on
 swapping fuel system bits. >>

OK if the DC comes up lower, then you have one of the following

*  Bad ECU
*  Bad PT in ECU
*  Connection to WOT switch (or WOT switch) defective
*  Bad Fuel pump
 So you did 1 & 2.    I would suspect the FP first, then Fuel filter, and/or
the lines to and from the fuel head.  System pressure at idle isn't going to
help you at WOT.  Drive the car with the pressure guage hooked up.  If the
flap is topping out at 4500 on one car and not the other, then the control
pressure is lowering before it should.  That will happen if the system
pressure lowers with demand (WOT).  That will happen with a defective fuel
pump, lines clogged crimped or slightly leaking (look for wet at the body
junctions), clogged FF.  You should also ck to see if (at topping out) you are
running rich (I doubt it).  You could have some bad injectors.


Scott Justusson