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Re: Instrument cluster fiddling

Hairy green toads from Mars made Phil Rose say:

> While peering at the top edge of the panel, I noticed a 5 position switch
> (lever) located a couple of inches to the right of the trip computer
> calibrator. I haven't located in Bentley where this 5 pos. switch is
> discussed. The two extreme positions are labelled "diesel" and
> "benzin"--pretty self-explanatory, but what are the intermediate positions?
> Also, what does this switch actually do--i.e, what happens if it is
> accidently switched to the _wrong_ position?

These code the vehicle for the place of origin and fuel.
The other positions (as I recall) are for Germany/US/Elsewhere?
Don't know what they do. Change language on the autocheck maybe.


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