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4000 question

Working on the $500 4000 today - scavenged four door handles, trunk lock,
hood cable, misc other stuff from local parts yards, making good progress .
. . more scrounging set for tomorrow.

Changing hood release cable - left (driver's) side headlight interferes
with hood release spring arm - am I assembling this wrong? Took HL out to
get everything lined up and OK, top adjuster hits spring arm and hood won't
latch securely because arm won't return to correct latched position - huh?

Also have right HL out - I gather that's the ONLY way to change the air
filter - sheesh -wotta pain!

Any tips on removing driver's door window glass? Haynes obtuse, don't want
to break anything.

Incidentally, found a rather nice set of sport seats (not barcos), grey
leather, manual adjustment, in a 4000 GT - these appear to be the same as
5000 manual seats - think I should grab 'em? Back seat is already gone.
Anyone want to trade anything for them? Speak now, 'cause I'm going to get
'em on Monday!

Also available - 85 or 86 4K diesel, 81 5K diesel, 86 4K Quattro (bits
going fast), 85 5K, 86 GT as above. Need anything, I'll be glad to forward
phone numbers. (No, I will NOT pull an engine!)

Best Regards,

Mike Arman