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Febi Hydraulic Fluid

Hey list,
Last weekend I posted about this Febi brand hydraulic fluid (F. Bilstein
jr GmbH) as a replacement for Pentosin/OEM fluid.  

Well I ran out of OEM fluid, and sent SO (with empty bottle) to local
dealer (Huntington Audi) for another liter today.

She just arrived home with one liter of Febi (at $20.00 but I'll deal
w/Huntington Audi tomorrow on _that_).  Parts guy says it the exact same
as OEM.  This means, either it is, or Huntington Audi is drumming up
repair business.  If it really is the same quality - then the benchmark
price (for supposed replacement fluid) is $8.50/liter.

Does anyone know about this Febi fluid??
MJ Murphy