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Re: Febi Hydraulic Fluid

Mike, I used to work at NAPA and I got the low down on it. Basically, the
FEBI is thesame as oem and Pentosin. Each has different viscosity, anti squeal
additives, etc. Bilstein can be used in Audis. I do believe that I was the
one that told Rich Micielli (service mngr) and John Steiger (parts) about
it about a year ago. I told them about Castrol as well. The Castrol is
used for Jaguars and can be bought at their dealerships for $7 a liter.
The service manager of Sovreign Jaguar/VW used to be one of an Audi
dealership and she said that it was very much usable in an Audi. BTW-the
febi sells at NAPA for about $11-14.

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On Tue, 29 Sep 1998, Michael Murphy wrote:

> Hey list,
> Last weekend I posted about this Febi brand hydraulic fluid (F. Bilstein
> jr GmbH) as a replacement for Pentosin/OEM fluid.  
> Well I ran out of OEM fluid, and sent SO (with empty bottle) to local
> dealer (Huntington Audi) for another liter today.
> She just arrived home with one liter of Febi (at $20.00 but I'll deal
> w/Huntington Audi tomorrow on _that_).  Parts guy says it the exact same
> as OEM.  This means, either it is, or Huntington Audi is drumming up
> repair business.  If it really is the same quality - then the benchmark
> price (for supposed replacement fluid) is $8.50/liter.
> Does anyone know about this Febi fluid??
> TIA,
> MJ Murphy