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Re: Romoving trunk shocks '85 4kq

The old style (which is most likely what won't come off) has a _wire 
clip_ that is pretty stealthy. It must be removed completely for the
strut to be intalled/removed. The newer style has the _flat band_. On
the newer ones you don't want to completely remove the band. You can pry
it just the right amount to allow the ball to pass through. Use a small
screwdriver in the slot that is provided. This makes installation much
simpler as the clip is already in place, you just snap it home.

Fourkguy@aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 10/1/98 3:00:53 AM Eastern Daylight Time, epicfoto@lava.net
> writes:
> << There has to be an easier way...  if somebody
>  knows of one, please let me know  :-) >>
> It's really not that hard. There is a clip that goes around the circumference
> of the shock at both ends. Looks like a sheet metal band that goes 90 percent
> around. If you can get a good look at it at either end, the job is pretty
> easy. Just get a screwdriver under an open end of the clip and pry it off. The
> shock will completely remove its grip once this clip is removed. To put on the
> new shock, you don't have to remove the clip, just snap it on.
> Good Luck,
> Jeff