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Re: RIP 5000CSQT

Scott <ScottyCBoy@aol.com> wrote:
> Well as much as it pains me to write this letter I feel I must..
> Last weekend at the Texas World Speedway my 5000CSQuattro Turbo's life
> came to an end.  It was involved in a mild speed roll over, luckily I
> walked away, crying but none the less I walked away.

I was running in that session.  We were all glad everyone walked away
unharmed.  It was the last group on Saturday at around 4:00pm and I was
probably three or four cars behind, but didn't actually see the incident
since there was light traffic and good space between cars - just the
corner worker energically waving the red flag and the rolled car sitting
upright in the grass.  That was a sobering reminder to all present about
the importance of using the proper safety equipment.  Although it was a
fairly moderate speed incident, if it wasn't for the helmets, Scott and
his instructor would have probably beeen sent to a hospital with a mild
concussion, multiple bumps in the head and bruised faces.  As it turned
out everyone was given a clean bill of health by the EMTs.

>From what I could gather, it was a simple mistake of going a little too
hot into a corner and turning in too early.  Early apexing can be an
evil thing.  Everything would have been fine except that the car ended
going off the road sideways on turn 12 and the grass area was very rough
and the wheels got cought in a rut with the unfortunate outcome.

> The damage was limited to the roof area and right front fender, I have
> 90 percent of all panels to fix and can probably fix it for under 750
> dollars.  

The 5kcstq held up amazingly well.  Although the roof did cave in 2-3
inches, it didn't collapse and all doors could be opened and closed
normally.  I'm not sure it's worth fixing the car, though.  Both
B-pillars will need to be replaced, along with the entire roof and
posibly the A and C pillars as well.  Plus a door or two, both front and
rear glass and maybe the side windows too.  The rest of the uni-body may
have deformed a little and it may not end up being as strong as before. 
Now, if you want to turn it into a dedicated track car with a welded-in
roll cage and all that, then this may be a good starting point for the

> It will absolutely kill me to tear her apart or sell her to someone
> who will do the same.  Do I fix or not Fix??? 

The car did run well and drove straight and true, so the drivetrain
seems to be in good shape.  It's a tough call, but either way, I doubt
the car will ever be the same.  Either part it out, or turn it into a
track-only beast.

> Other than that mishap I had a blast at the event!!! I'd recommend it
> to anyone...

Ditto to that!

-Luis Marques