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Let's All Lighten Up & Talk Audi!


Fellow Auto Unionists,

This card carrying Stupid Q-Lister has got a quick "Audi's In
Television", and a question pertaining to his crappy older car.  

Did anyone see last night on the History channel "Dream Cars"?  They did
an expose' on sportscars, and in their 1930's segment, they showed a pair
of Auto Union Streamliners zipping around an oval track.  Unfortunately,
they only showed them long enough for those who might know what the car
is to pick out the four rings on the nose.  To be nice to this show, I'll
just say the cars were going so fast the cameras of the time caught very
little footage of these awsome vehicles.  Too bad.

(Bonus points to any fellow San Diegans who can name the road the Triumph
Club driver was cruising his TR2 down during the English Car segment! 
Hint:  It's in North County.)

Now on to my question.  I own a `86 Coupe GT.  For some inexplicible
reason, the radiator fan won't cut off.  I tried pulling the temp. sensor
at the radiator, but the fan still spins.  I tried checking the relay; 
it seems to be OK as well.  The fan starts as soon as I turn the key to
the Acc. location on the ignition.  What's going on?  Anyone have any
ideas, as I'm fresh out?  Thanks in advanced!  Keep it real, and keep it

Love, Like, or Just Plain Tolerate,


`86 CGT (Putting out 36,000 lbs of thrust from the two G.E. J79-GE-10
turbojets I mounted in the trunk)
`82 Coupe (Traded in for the F-4J Phantom II fighter plane I got the jet
engines from.)


P.S.- The answer is Highland Valley Road!  I know because I drove it
everyday to work, out in Santa Ysabel.  Don't ask:  it involves goats,
the chupacabra, and $6.50/hr. wages.