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Re: Synth winter weights (fwd) Good Read

On Thu, 8 Oct 1998 adamnelson@juno.com wrote:

> Thanks for finally providing some info from tests in CARS! My was and is

	Oh, sorry.  I didn't realize that CARS was your own personal
Bible.  Other sources have info proving Synthetics supiriority besides
your worshiped magazine.  Loosen up a little.

> that any "superior" product for a car must demonstrate it's advantage in
> that car. This way all the possible variables are intrinsically imbedded
> in the experiment.

	All combustion engines run under similar parameters with the same
physical and chemical forces acting on them.  If something universal like
an oil is proved in many piston engines, turbo charged and not,  High
compression and now then it holds that it will work in an AUdi engine as
well.  Audi puts Continental and Goodyear tires on the A4 and A6 too.
Does that mean that a P-Zero wont make it perform better bucause Audi or
CARS has not proven it!!!   NO, I think we all know a P-Zero would Kill
the Conti's or Good Smears on any track or road.  Now for ICE, Well, put
on a set of Hakka's or something.  THe goodyears are meant for the average
American Driver,   just like their oil recomendation.  I dont drive like
the average driver.  When I am lapping a track at full speed, i want the
best protection,  NOt the average.  I would much prefer to use the oil
that best suits the situation just like I do with Track/Road/SNow tires.
Not everybody does.   
	Dont get your pants in a knot but that is the way I feel.  You are
entitled to your own opinions though. 

> There still is the issue of weights, so if you have
> any insight, please let me know.

	Depends on the oil I guess, and the car.  Seems we both agree on
that.  My motto is try stuff, and use what works best.  

> P.S. I don't think it's wise to mention that Jaguar specs Mobil 1, they
> also spec Lucas electrics!

	ALOt of R&D went into that car.  It pulls 220 mph from a small
highly turbocharged 6 cyl.  ANd was developed by Jaguars Racing team which
has few correlations to the OLD Jaguar the Spec'd  Lucas.  Even though,
the other tuner and production cars speak for themselfs.   

Todd Phenneger
Considering using Red Line RAcing Oil for the Track Car/RAlly car once
Turbo Conversion is finished.
	ANd might use their Multi-Viscosity oil too.   NO detergents added
to that so may work better to lube well without the risk of leaks in older