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Re: Synth winter weights (fwd) Good Read

On Sat, 10 Oct 1998 adamnelson@juno.com wrote:
> I meant only to emphasize that the tests you referred to were done in
> automobiles, not any car magazine. I have never read a magazine called
> CARS, and I wouldn't put much stock in what they would claim. All piston
> engines are not the same. There are differences in the way they and their
> peripheral devices work, hence different fuels and oils. 

	OH, well now dont I feel sheepish.  Oops.  Sorry.  Didn't meant to
go off on you.  I believe the Magazine is CAR not CARS but there is one by
that name that I have seen before.  I think it may be either British or
Australian based.  Pretty good wrightups from what I have seen.  Cool one
online about the WRX Version III Sti-Type R or whatever they call it now.  
	Anyhow, glad to see we actually agree on this matter :)

> Adam Nelson '85 4000S, Blaupunkt cassette, Starbucks go cup, '69 Beetle,
> 1 piece
> windows, hand held fan, '91 Vanagon, KYB Gas a Just, bug screens.

	Is Vanagon a Westi or Synchro?!?!  I want both, $$$$$$.  Oh, and I
want 200 hp in it too.  Would settle for about 130 though.  Maybe an Audi
2.3L conversion, or VR6.  Or, (Shrinking back in fear of evil responses) a
Subaru 2.5L motor.  150 hp and probably close to same size as the 4-cyl
thats in there.  Wonder of a Subaru SVX motor would fit.  220 hp.  Or a
turbo charged Subaru 4 like the WRX has.  911 motor is nice but I want
lots of HEat for those cold ski trips so that would require a GAs fired
heater.   Boy, the possibilites are endless, the funds are not though.  Oh
well.  4kq will have to do for know, just wish I had a Yakima Rocketbox to
go with the ski Rack to hold all the gear.  

		Todd Phenneger