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Re: Synth winter weights (fwd) Good Read

CAR.  And it's British because if it's Aussie it'd be the only Aussie
magazine I've seen that quotes prices in Pounds Sterling.  Currently, there
is an A4-BMW-Alfa comparison reprint from CAR at your Audi dealer - or at
least I nicked one from my local dealer.

At 05:15 AM 10/12/1998 ,  Todd Phenneger was inspired to say:
>  	OH, well now dont I feel sheepish.  Oops.  Sorry.  Didn't meant to
>  go off on you.  I believe the Magazine is CAR not CARS but there is one by
>  that name that I have seen before.  I think it may be either British or
>  Australian based.  Pretty good wrightups from what I have seen.  Cool one

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