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Re: Vanity thy name is..........

50 bucks?!?!  A custom plate made up of one to three letters, dash and one
to three numbers, except no combinations of one letter and one number are
allowed (i tink this is turning into a run-on sentence) costs freaking USD
1000.00 here.  Hence, my Urq was christened ZBE-111 back in '88 and the
Carrera BKH-911 (funny coincidence) in '89 and I'm sticking with it.  Oh,
another thing - the plates are not transferable - just as all plates here
they stay with the car unless you wanna put up the FIM 5000+ again.  

I think the guys in the penitentiary are paid too well.

Jouko Haapanen
Pori, Finland

> From: DOUBLDz@aol.com


> I finally got my plates. I was a little disappointed when they arrived.
> seems that someone left out the space between SO and QUTE so now I have
> as one word forever carved in stone unless I bounce for another 50.
> Dee
> 95A6q pearl