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RE: Audi withdraws from British Touring Car Championship

> the other thing to remember is that imho, rally sport is now about to
> enter
> another golden age (the 1st since the group b age, so memorable for audi
> fans).  there has never been more fully-fledged manufacturers involved in
> the wrc category (ie non-f2) with the number rising next year to 8!  vw
> will
> next year have 2(!) teams (skoda and seat) with full-house wrc cars
> (turbo,
> awd).  with peugeot and hyundai moving up to wrc from formula 2, ford
> fielding a new car, toyota, mitsbushi, and subaru continuing with wrc,
> it's
> going to be a very interesting year....
... interesting indeed when you consider that the manufacturer that turned
rally sport on its ear and which led to the increased popularity (IMO of
course) of rally will not be represented at all!  :-(  

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)