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RE: Sunroof stuck in 'tilt up' position

> The sunroof on my '86 4kq is stuck in the 'tilt up' position. When I push
> the sunroof switch in either direction nothing happens. Fortunately, it's
> a
> nice day in Colorado today, but I'd sure like to get it closed... Any
> suggestions?
Can you tell if it is jammed or just that the motor isn't getting power?  I
haven't had to mess with the sunroof on my 4kQ yet, but when I had problems
with the 5k I found that there was a manual crank mounted to the back side
of the cover over the motor on the ceiling.  I had to pull out the interior
light to get at the screw that holds the cover in place, and there is a
lever on the gear mechanism to disengage the motor drive.  After disengaging
the motor, you insert the hand crank (probably just a 4mm hex driver!) and
crank the window open or closed.  

If the motor is running but nothing is moving it may be the case that the
gear that drives the sunroof isn't engaging the cables.  I had a similar
problem on the QTC (manual tilt only sunroof), which I determined to be due
to some screws that attach the mechanism coming loose in the pot metal of
the drive mechanism.  I got a couple longer screws and put real steel nuts
in and the thing has worked fine since ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)