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Re: RE: Subject: Re: 4kq Center Muffler

In a message dated 10/15/98 3:47:31 AM, bbell04@ibm.net wrote:

>Yep, my experience too.
>Original exhaust on my 4kq ('87) lasted about 6 years (120k miles). replaced
>it with a Blau unit, which did bolt up perfectly and looked original, it
>lasted about 18+ months or 30k miles. Makes the dealer item look cheap if
>you price it by the mile or month.
As I recall, the dealer system is made by Leistritz, as well.  Only advantage
to dealer part would be a warrantee; does Audi guarantee replacement mufflers
for life (like toyota and others do?).  Still, at two+ times the cost, you'd
have to do another 250k miles to have it work out ahead...