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Re: Fog lights and '95 90 Quattro Sport

Rich wrote:

> Hi Listers!
> Hope everybody is enjoying a nice fall season. On the A4.org website there
> is a description about how to modify the operation of the fog lights (in an
> A4) so that they are available to be used with the high beams as well. Does
> anybody know whether the procedure is the same for the 90? Actually what I
> would really like to do is mod the fog lights so that they could be used
> with the headlights totally off. Thanks for your help!

Yes and No. I tried this on my '93 90S. You can make it so that the fogs turn
on just by using the switch, without the headlights on. But you can't have
them come on with the high beams, if you try that, your lights stay on all the
time, even with the car turned off. If you are going to try it, make a jumper
wire with a fuse on it, that way if you accidently connect the wrong
terminals, you will only blow a fuse, nothing else.

BTW, I pulled the jumper and just put the relay back in. I decided that I
would only be using my fogs with the headlights, as I hate these boneheads who
think they are "cool" by driving around with only their fog lights on when
they should have full headlights on. Too many people think headlights are only
for them to see the road, they forget that it is just an important for other
people to see them.

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