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New Bosch plugs

Just got my November issue of Popular Science [USA] and found an ad for
some new Bosch platinum plugs called Platinum+4. Get this, they have 4
electrodes. One more than our stock plugs. Now the question is, how much
will they cost, and will they make them for Audi vehicles. They have a
1-800 number in the ad for USA residents, but I haven't had a chance to
call it yet.

I remember putting a set of Bosch platinum plugs in my Toyota truck just
after I bought it and I ran them for 3 years without touching them,
finally one day the truck wouldn't start. A complete ignition overhaul
solved the problem. The center electrodes on the platinum plugs were
burned down into the insulator, but you have to admit, three years on
one set of plugs is pretty damn good.

1.800.TOP.PLUG [1.800.867.7584]

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