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Re: 90q TB record and ISV L-hose question

Yep, that's the ISV.  Mine ripped in the middle of a trip and we got a
piece of Saran Wrap and did the wrap it up trick and worked fine for about
400 miles until I could patch it properly while I ordered the correct hose
- $12 from Linda @ Carlsen.

You take off the electrical connector and then the ISV and it's rubber
bracket from the bracket tab.  Then pull.  If you want, you can reach
behind the intake and grab the black hose that sticks out and goes left
towards the throttle body.  Check the long- black hose also,  I bought one
but mine was fine, it was $20.  If you want it, I'll sell it to you for the

You might want to check all the hoses while you're pulling them apart.

At 02:57 PM 10/17/1998 ,  Andrei Kogan was inspired to say:
>  Question: How is the hose attached to the manifold? Is it just slipped over
>  top of some port or is there a clamp on the hose? If it is just a slip-on
>  fit, can I pull the hose and then put it back on without removing the top
>  portion of the manifold?

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