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Re: ad blitz

Yes, BMW has had the best car commercials for a while.  I just love the
line "Happiness is not around the corner.  Happiness IS the corner."  Good
visuals, good music, well-proportioned, etc...  Audi's "Unfair Advantage"
commercial is the first one I've liked since the ski jump one.  There are
better commercials for the Passat & Jetta.  Time to hire a new ad agency....

At 05:14 PM 10/18/1998 ,  Brett Dikeman was inspired to say:
>  I've also noticed that BMW has been really aggressively advertising the new
>  M3; nice commercial.  Pushes all the right buttons, unlike Audi's
>  "feel-mushy-about-our-car" ad :(

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