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Re: BTDT and need advice.

>Chris Newbold wrote:
>Todd Young wrote:
>> Now for the advice part. Since I put the cluster back in, the "battery"
>> light stays on upon initial start up, 
>When I pulled my cluster, I found three wiring harness connections: two
>multi-wire/multi-pin connectors and a bulb on the end of a pair of wires.
>That was the air bag warning lamp.
>Anyone with a '94 or '95 had
>a look at their cluster?

	I opened up my wife's 95 Cabriolet- four connectors. Looks like two that
equate to the earlier cars, one for the LED gear display (US spec
cabriolet=slushbox) and one other connector. The airbag warning light is
indistinguishable from the other warning lights. The other connector is..

	"Honey, why is my car all torn apart?" 

	Oops- got to go.