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Re: Lower Body Panel

Hairy green toads from Mars made Ryan Beld say:

> I just recently purchased a '94 Audi 90s. My wife was driving it last 
> night and the panel that is attached underneath the engine fell off. This 
> panel has 2 air ducts to divert air underneath the car. I have no idea 
> how important this part is or if I need to spend the money to replace it. 
> I would appreciate any thoughts or coments.

These are for aerodynamics, noise control, and to help keep mud
and salt and grime out of the engine compartment.

I hate 'em :-)

They do make it a pain to do some service including oil changes.
They should be held on by a plethora of fasteners. If it fell off,
it means the last person to put it back didn't use any of them.
It does sort of "snap" into place by itself, but that won't hold
it on at speed.


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