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RE: Audi 80 Intermittant power loss "Update"

Thanks for the info Phil, I took the filler cap off with the engine running
and there was no vacuum and the car still stalls when idling. Today the
problem seemed to get worse though and the engine check light comes on as
soon as you go past 2500 RPM. The car is also now stopping every 500 meters.
We took the car to the mechanic and he measured the fuel pressure. He said
it was all ok. He also checked the current going to the fuel pump and it is
now only 6.5 amps. He no longer suspects the fuel pump to be the problem. He
also hooked his machine up to the ignition and he said that was all ok to.
He now thinks there is a problem with the computer.
	After measuring the resistance of some of the sensors I have found one to
be open circuit so tomorrow I will check  buy a new one and swap it around.
The sensor screws into the side of the inlet manifold but the Haynes manual
does not seem to show this sensor. Anyone know what it is for ? I will let
the list know as soon as anything new happens.

Thanks for any help.


'88 Audi 80 1.9E (Out of Order)
'81 Audi 5+5 2.1 5 spd (A much more reliable car)

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> > You can also make the problem happen by letting the car idle for
> > about 20 minutes and then press down on the accelerator. The
> > engine tries to rev but it stalls instead.
> a) Try the idling test, but take the fuel filler cap off before pressing
>    the accelerator.  Also notice if there seems to be a vacuum in the
>    tank.
> b) Fix the date on your system.  Your message came in dated 6 September,
>    and I nearly missed it.
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